Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Drunken Night In Spain...

I went home on leave back to Spain to see my parents and family, I thought it'd be fun if I brought my Spanish speaking friend with me so when all my family was at school or work we could go out and explore and at nights I could have a wingman at the bars.

The first night we went out we headed to this little Irish bar by the name of Molly Malones just a couple blocks from my house, about a 10 minute walk. We start out with the southern Spanish favorite Cruzcamp, and soon venture in to trying all sorts of different drinks, some Guinness, some Fosters, and Some more Guinness. Soon we start up a conversation with a couple young sailors there and begin exchanging stories of basic adventures and funny stories, everyone starts buying shots.

Being in Spain, Absinthe is readily available and legal, not like in the States, so it being my friend's first time in Europe we started taking absinthe shots, followed by some Jaeger, and Tequila. After a while I'm pretty shit faced as you can well imagine, and I look over at my friend and there are a few older men laughing at him, now in my drunken haze it looks to me like they're making fun of him either because he's American or some other reason- I didn't care. I walk up to the older men and challenge them to fight letting them know that if they stepped out I'd kick their asses. Well that goes on for about 10 minutes and I leave after having found out the old man was just exchanging stories in Spanish with my friend, and was actually the owner of the bar .

Well now it's time for the walk home, it's 3AM, and suddenly in my drunken stupor, I've forgotten where the hell I used to live, after all I haven't been home in a year. Luckily I hear the ocean and remember that I live somewhere along the coast. Unfortunately between the ocean and my friend and I is a very steep hillside covered in thorny bushes, fortunately for us we were too drunk to care. So I begin to walk down this steep hill, two steps down and I'm tumbling through thorny bushes head over heels. My friend comes down to help me up but ends up falling as well so I manage to pick myself up, only to fall again, and again, and again. I don't remember much after that, but I woke up the next day miraculously in my old bed. My mom had put on some nice white sheets which to my horror had blood stains all over them due to my little tumbling accident. My body was covered in slashes and gashes from my face (I had a slash from just aside my eye down to the corner of my mouth) down to my shins and legs. I felt like shit for 3 days afterwards.

We should've done the liquor before the beer, what were we thinking?


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