Sunday, January 21, 2007

Denver Colorado; 1978

Back in 78, my buddy & I were stumbling home from The Alameda Tavern in Denver [1 of THE coolest bars I've ever had the pleasure of passing-out in] & we get to my pal's apt & he had lost his keys. So I told him just to knock on the old lady's window who owned the house [she rented out a little studio apt in her house] & she'd let him in. Well, it was about 3 a.m. & he didn't want to disturb he SMASHES THE FRONT PICTURE WINDOW!!! Noooo, that won't wake her...well, believe it or not, it didn't.

I split to my crib, as I knew he had access inside now!! Next morning, I walked down to his apt, so we could go get some breakfast & when I got there, the place looked like a mass-murder had been committed!! There was blood all over the walls, the front glass, the kitchen, just slung all over. I rushed into his room & he was still passed-out, but breathing. The blood had coagulated in his palm from the deep cuts on his arms & what had happened, as he was crawling in the window, instead of removing the jagged shards of glass from around the edges, he crawls over them, cutting the fuck outta himself. When he realized what he'd done, he got so pissed, he just started flinging blood all over the place.

His landlady comes by that morning, sees the place in tatters & gets her oldest son to start in on an AA speech. How alcohol is the devil & we both need serious help. His place had to be completely re-done; he was evicted, of course, & was lucky he didn't bleed to death.
But what could've been such a simple route, had to be turned into total mayhem...& by the looks of his crib, a mass-murder.


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