Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fake Fanta...

This happened to me this past summer during my last night of my month vacation visiting family in Ukraine.

It being a vacation I was pretty much allowed to do whatever i pleased as long as I showed up to eat and do other stuff. We showed up at my aunt and uncle's house in the afternoon so we proceeded to eat dinner. During dinner we gave many many toasts to things over the trip which lead to drinking many shots, after eating my parents and my aunt and uncle wanted to go to the store to buy things to bring back home, I wanted to go since I wanted to pick up some things my self (1 big bottle of vodka and a bottle of good ol' absinthe)

While at this big superstore I walked as if I had no control of my legs. I nearly knocked over 3 item displays and for some reason bought every type of gum they had at the checkout lane. When we got home I found out that my brother had been drinking beers since we left, and me and my brother sat off in the living room away from my parents and he filled up my 1/4th full bottle of Fanta with silver premium vodka.

Soon after this my dad and uncle came in and my dad suggested I don't drink anymore. I said ok and smiled as I sipped on my bottle of "Fanta" as my dad, brother, and uncle did more shots. Finally, around midnight we all decided we should go to bed because we had to wake up early to get ready for our flight back to the states. I tried going into the bathroom but I could not puke to secure a half-way good morning. So I went off to bed. I remember lying down in bed and moving around for what seemed to be 5 min. and then my mom woke me up and told me and my brother we had to start getting ready. I woke up nearly as drunk as I remember myself going to sleep. This was accompanied by a half-sick, half-hung-over feeling.

I spent the next day on and off planes and stuck in airports joined by this feeling. For the next 3 days after I couldn't even look at alcohol without feeling sick.


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