Sunday, January 21, 2007

Foaming at The Mouth

Some friends and I start the night off with drinking the remains of a bottle of vodka from a previous night. When that's gone we look for someone to buy us another bottle (we were already quite drunk at this point).

Eventually we get a hold of one of our friends with a fake ID. We hang out at his house for a while, taking gulps from our recently purchased bottle of vodka. I don't remember leaving his house. I wake up the next day feeling great, despite scratches on my arms and face which I had no idea how I had sustained. Later that day I had to have my stupidity explained to me by a couple of my friends.

I had drooled on myself, gotten a little puke on myself, foamed at the mouth, and fallen in a thorn bush. I soon came to find out I had lost my glasses (which turned up in a small pile of puke in my friend's bathroom) and an oz of ganja (which sadly never turned up).

So since then I mostly drink micro brews and if I do drink hard alcohol I remember one thing: I am a lightweight, my friends are alcoholics and there is no possible way I can keep up with them without endangering my well being.


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