Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fired, or on Fire...

Im a barbackin a bar. My dad is a bartender in that bar as well. Well my work makes a lot of business and I mean a lot. On busy nights like Thursday friday and saturday there will usually be 2 barbacks working behind the bar. The point of a barback is to refill the bottles in the coolers get glasses put on new kegs etc.

Well one night this asshole who I was working with decides that tonite a Thursday looks quite because there was no one there. So I stock up my side of the bar with everything. He disapeers and I dont see him for the rest of the evening so I thought maybe he is sick and went home so refilled some of the stuff he was low on.

It comes to 11:00 and this police or firefighter convention that was down in the city literally came up to the bar. It is crazy my side of the bar is holding up, the other is completely falling behind. It gets lighter towards 12 because the band was talented so everyone went to dance.

I go out to fill up my stuff and his side knowing that im gonna be working alone tonite. I walk into the beer cooler and there he was blasted out his mind drinking magners with some mexican cook. "What the fuck are you doing"

I take my shit walk back try to tell the head bartender what was going on but he barges into the dance floor and starts to dance with the wife of some big police officer, dancing real dirty like, grabbing her ass and everything. The husband decks him and is knocked out cold. We had to close at 1 three hours before we fully close. The "real cops" arrived and they asked questions.

The owner of the bar came down pissed off and started yelling at the semi conscious barback and yells "YOUR FUCKIN FIRED" his reply was "I know im on fire" and he starts to sing a song and finally passes out.

After that me and my dad went home. I later found out that he came back asking for his pay for the night before.


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