Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stoner Story

A while back there was a rave kind of thing at a venue near where my friends and I live. We went, spent most of the night getting totally wasted and raving out and then went back to my friends house (she has a holiday cottage next to her house her pearents let her have parties in).

So we go back there and manage to invite the frontman for the headline DnB act subsource. He phones us up about 30 mins after we get to the party so we go pick him up, sound guy, tells us stories about running sheep over with his farmbike or something.

We party for a bit, by this time I'm more than a little high and have chugged about a dozen beers, I go to sleep then wake up at one point with loads of my mates standing around the bed I was sleeping in, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I found out the next day they had been sticking rizzla to my face and setting them on fire. Wankers. The morning after we're sitting around in the living room feeling pretty pickled. One of my other friends has been off his face on mdma for the night and is acting pretty strange.

I ask him for some tobacco to roll a cigg and he starts playing with his phone, I think he's texting so I leave him and ask him again about 30seconds later, he says, "I'll get it, I'll get it" I wait a bit longer then ask him "can I have the fucking tobacco?" He shouts "IM FUCKING LOOKING FOR IT" so I shut up. He'd been looking for the baccy in his phone book.

I eventually get the tobacco off him and roll my cigg and go outside. He's also rolled a cigg and is sitting there with me. I offer him my lighter after I've lit up but he waves it away and tries to light his fag for the next 5 mins with his mobile phone.


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Thas shits wack!

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