Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Long Story of Prolonged Drinking...

Personally I dont really drink much but one wekend I went with the guys from work on a snowboarding/skiing weekend on blue mountain (a nice escartment in Ontario).

Well I spent about 5 hours on the hill, then we all met up at a bar and had a few beers, then we went to dinner and had some pizza(medume each) and rum/coke and afterwords some of us went to the room(mike and I brought a 24, and so did almost everyone else (12people), as well as 2 bottles of rum and 2 botles of something else.) and had about 4 more beers and two/3 stiff drinks (half rum and half coke), at this point we are all cracking jokes, watching tv and having a good time, had a few more (two beers), some of the guys went clubing and mike and I stayed and had some more. Everything is now spinning pretty good.

they come back and we go and have some fun at a copel of girls room, we come back and guys start dropping, at this piont I got everyone beat at least 2 drinks to one, we kept going for a while longer, I remember one guy had a gitar?, we where all singing and making arnold inpressions. it is at this point that most of my memory stops and thet tell me I was saying weird shit and poaring 90% alchahol drink and downing them.

Well long story short, I drank 15-20 beers and 1.5 botles of rum with one botle of coke and two pots of coffe. puked allover the bathroom, passed out on the kitchenet floor and puked on myself. LUCKLY I was one of the first ppl to wake up so no one fucked with me. lol two guys where spooning on one bed, and there was carnage...bodies everwhere, we rented two hotel rooms and everyone passed out in the mane one. there where beer botles everwhere, 10 cases of 24, woke up with a MASSIVE HANGOVER and a touch of poisening, went for breakfast at dennies and had the lumberjack.

Waking up and having to pick out puke out of your hair is not cool, the problem is that i didnt know that it was me, I walked into the bathroon and saw puke all over the walls and floor and thought youknow those guy should contole there drinking... then about a week later it turned out that it was me.

Oh I forgot to mention one of the guy is a real asshole, truly a huge ass, and pushed me quite hard all the time and all he kept saying before the weekend was that he will drink me under the table and fuck with me when I pass out, so a week before I got two bottles of yodka and 2 4l bottles of Sunny D and drank at work every day of the week at work to "trane" hehe that was a amusing week

The only good part is I drank more then him and he passed out first, I tormented him for a long time after that and didnt drink for at least two months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing happens in your story dude...

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy.. wtf did this kid learn to spell?

10:59 AM  

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