Sunday, January 21, 2007

Drunken Cross Dresser Gets Free Weed...

This happened a few years ago, a friend of mine was throwing a party and he decided to have live music so he talked to me and a few other guys and got my band along with two other bands to play.

He lives in a pretty big house with a good sized backyard and a nice patio that we would use as a stage. The festivities started at 6:30 pm, the first band went on at 7:00 pm. They played for about 30 minutes and then the second band went on. They played for about 45 minutes. After this, my band was setting up to go on, by then people were enjoying themselves (drinking, dancing, laughing, ect.). We got through half our set and a couple cops just walk into the backyard. We were worried, not because of the people drinking in the backyard, but because there were a lot of people in the basement where there was a full bar, tons of alcohol, and loads of illegal drugs. One of the cops told us they had received complaints and wanted us to shut down.

Luckily, they left without further investigation and we stopped our set and loaded our equipment up. This was when we decided to party. Now, there was enough alcohol there to get 150 people drunk, but there were only 60 people there. So I, along with everyone, start heavily drinking shot after shot, beer after beer and smoking bowl after bowl.

This continues until about 4:00 am. By then most of the people had passed out so there were only like 15-20 people awake. The beer and hard liquor was almost gone. Six of my friends and I are still hungering for more, but don't know what to do. It was at this time my friend, who threw the party, brings us up to some small guest bedroom on the second floor, in which he had hid 18 beers under the bed. Hell yea! We sit there, drink and smoke some more. I started feeling extremely wasted, and I've been drunk enough times to know when I can't trust myself anymore. My rational thinking was out the window at this point, so I started looking for a place to pass out, but I came across two guys that I barely know, and they ask me if I want to smoke. I wasn't about to turn this offer down, so we went up to the master bedroom, sat in the walk-in closet and smoked a couple bowls.

I had the great idea of putting on my friend's mom's high-heel shoes and a dress of hers, to walk around in. Everyone that saw me laughed as I stumbled around looking like a cross-dressing L.A. hooker. This was when I started feeling sick. It started with a burp, then a gag, and then I was hugging the master bathroom toilet.

I guess I passed out sitting on the floor with my head on the toilet seat, because I was awoken by a friend at around 10:00 am. I cleaned up the toilet and went downstairs just in time for eggs and bacon. Nothing like greasy bacon to calm your stomach after a hard night of drinking. A friend of mine who deals bud asked me to drive him to a house to hook up a sack. I did, it took 40 minutes, but he gave me a free quarter for doing it so I went home, smoked then slept for six more hours. All in all, a great experience.


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